Introducing Frond

Nov 30, 2021

Trust is what great teams run on.

That may sound like something on a motivational poster, but we think that there's much more to it; something that explains this moment in work in a profound way.

Trust is intuitive.

Research shows that trust works like a muscle. It grows when you use it, and atrophies when you don't. We don't think about "exercising trust" at work, we just do it. That's because it comes from a lifetime spent learning how to build trust; in every face-to-face interaction, every long lunch, hallway chat, and even just being present in the same space every day.

Building trust in person is intuitive, and that's why we believe the switch to remote work has been so hard for many teams.

But, trust is not intuitive remotely...

Without an office, things start feeling a little off. We have more meetings, more pings on Slack, more emails. Our managers are checking in more than ever. It feels like we're working harder but getting less done. Many call it Zoom fatigue, but we see a trust crisis. Remote work requires more trust. It's process-driven and only works when everyone trusts that process.

And since we're no longer in our offices, we're cut off from exercising trust in the ways we know best. So without the trust, we need, we're taking our in-person tactics, performing work on Zoom, and micromanaging each other. So we spent time with great remote teams, learning how they work together and exercise their trust.

... until now.

And now we're using all that knowledge to build Frond: a new set of tools to help remote teams cultivate the trust they need, even when they can't be in the same room. Today we're taking the first step in that journey, with a solution to a problem we felt as our team was growing: recreating the excitement of a first day, when a teammate joins remotely.

Meet Frond Hello, a warm welcome for new teammates.

It combines personalized welcome videos from the team with links to everything a new hire needs to hit the ground running. We built Frond Hello to quickly scale our own team and celebrate special moments along the way – and we found it so delightful that we decided to release it as a taste of things to come.

Give Hello a try today, and check back with us soon — we've got big plans.

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