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Mar 22, 2022

One of the most satisfying things about product design is the discovery that happens along the way. You start out with a hypothesis and see where it takes you. The serendipitous moments pop up are what makes the process so rewarding.

We built Frond Hello to help remote teams onboard new hires. To our surprise, our first alpha teams were asking to use Hello in entirely new ways. One team wanted to create pages they could send teammates on their birthday. Another wanted to celebrate a key contribution on a project. Yet another, wanted a persistent recruiting page where prospective hires could meet the team they would (potentially) join. We were excited about all these new use cases and decided to refactor Hello to be as flexible as the teams who were using it.

We build a new creation flow that offers templates for a few of the most popular workflows (onboarding, birthdays, and recruiting) but also provides the flexibility to use Hello in all kinds of ways we never imagined.


Our original recipe — built from the ground up to welcome new teammates!

The hero here is welcome videos from you and your team. It’s an opportunity to spark personal connection with your new teammate.

Links are an opportunity to add all the important resources they need, and provide the crucial context that you would add if you were sitting face to face. Most pages include things like the company vision, employee handbook, login links for their work accounts, and must-read documents that help them get started on their first project(s).


In an office it’s easy to gather the team (preferably around something good from a bakery) and celebrate their teammate. It doesn’t take long, but showing that person that they’re worth the trouble of planning and scheduling a get together is a powerful gesture. An email chain or Slack thread doesn’t have the same weight for remote teammates.

Birthdays in Hello feel much more special.

Each teammate takes the time out of their day to record a video message. It’s not just that it’s more personal than a few written words and an emoji (it is!), but also an opportunity to spark conversation that can further bonds (and trust) between teammates.

While we can’t deliver birthday baked goods digitally, Hello can do the next best thing: attach a link to a gift card so that they can treat themselves to something special. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.


It certainly feels like recruiting has never been so competitive. How do you stand out in a sea of job listings?

Imagine if you could personally introduce you and your team to hires with only a few minutes of effort from everyone? What if you could share that introduction on social media, and even include it in the job listing? Our customers saw Hello as an opportunity to do just that. We built out a recruiting template to make it as easy as possible for you to make your own.

When you’re recruiting with Hello, each person on your team can add videos introducing themselves, their role, and give prospective hires a feel for what it would be like to work with them. It’s a powerful way to cut through the noise in job listings.

A recruiting page is rounded out with a link to the job description, as well as an email block that makes starting a conversation around the role as frictionless as possible.

Start from scratch

Maybe the most exciting thing about Hello is that it’s flexible enough to build something for any use case you can dream up. Want to celebrate a project wrapping up? Go for it! Not only can you freestyle within any of the existing templates, your can build something we never imagined using our core building blocks:

  • Title - a header block with a headline, emoji, and description
  • Text - write a simple note
  • Video - record your own video or invite others to do so
  • Image - add an image from your device
  • Link - a block for a link and description
  • Email - make it easy for someone to get in touch

We’re excited to see how your team puts Hello to work, @ us on Twitter (@frondcom) to share how you’re using Hello. We’ve got more exciting product experiments coming in 2022 so give us a follow to stay up to date on what’s next!

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