Today's communities are built on chat

It starts simply

But becomes chaotic

Our communities deserve better

That's why we're building Frond

Where every conversation is neatly threaded

Where there's joy in exploration

Where we can really get to know each other

And create deeper connections

Go beyond chat
Grow a community
Give Frond a try
Today's communities are built on chat. But as those chats grow, they become chaotic and overwhelming. Our communities deserve better.

Go beyond chat
Grow a community

Give Frond a try

Built for communities from the ground up

Chat is chaotic, threads aren't

Tired of the mess? Us too. In Frond conversations are threaded. It's not only simpler, and scalable, but also gives each conversation a rich starting point: photos, videos, links, or just long-form writing. Better conversations, easier to follow.

Groups you'll want to join

What do we do with all those threads? Frond bundles them up neatly into groups. What those groups are is entirely up to you. Cute Corgi photos? French New Wave cinema? It's all you.

Community in a click

Your time should be spent on your community. That's why in Frond setup takes seconds, anyone can be invited with a simple link. Click and go.

Create your own community

Reminders. Have daily or weekly threads? Our recurring reminders ensure the conversation never lulls.

Rich sharing. Sending someone a thread? A preview of the photo, video, or whatever else will pull them in.

Community templates. We know what you need. Quick start your community with everything dialed in just right.

Admin controls. Get support from your community by promoting them to admins for more controls.

Built for communities of all kinds


Great work requires great relationships. Teams use Frond to find the sense of belonging they had in an office.


Transform your content into a thriving community. Give your audience a space to belong to and really get ot know each other.


Zoom classes are sterile. Give students a place to get to know each other, ask questions, create study groups, and unwind.


Your community is everything, and it's richer in Frond. Ask questions, share, brainstorm, and squash bugs.


A place for brainstorming, setting goals, answering questions, and getting to know each other. Link your Github and it's ready to go.


Movements are built from strong communities. Give your activists a place to organize, share ideas, and actually get to know each other.


Bring your most engaged users together. Space to ask questions, get help, share ideas, and report bugs.


Friends off the field have more success on it. Talk strategy, talk trash, and share who you are outside of practice.

Give your community space to grow
Give Frond a try

Give your community space to grow

Give Frond a try