The easiest way to
start a community

Frond is a refreshingly simple take on forums. Growing your community here is effortless, fun, and free to start.

Face with Party Horn and Party Hat

Introducing Frond 2.0 with Public Communities!

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Effortless from the start

Setup in seconds

Running a community is hard work, setting up should be the easy part. Fronds simple settings and templates mean that your community is only a few clicks away. And bringing people in is as easy as sending a link.

Create your own community

Onboarding is a breeze

Frond makes every new member feel at home. When someone joins they get a personal greeting from you. And our member introductions help spark connections in the community so you don't have to do all of the social integration work yourself.

Scale fun, not noise

Threads are back (and better than ever)

Chats are fun until they aren't. Frond conversations are threaded because they're easier to follow, spark richer conversation, and scale endlessly. Each thread starts with something to get the ball rolling: a photo, video, link, or longer-form writing.

Find your Group

What do we do with all those threads? Frond bundles them up neatly into groups. What those groups are is entirely up to you. Corgi photos? French cinema? It's all you. And with privacy controls you can ensure that what happens in groups stays in groups.

Make your community public

Not all communities should be member only! Public communities allow visitors to view all groups and content without having to sign into Frond. This not only improves discoverability, but means your content is indexed by search engines.

Built for communities of all kinds


Bring your most engaged users together. Space to ask questions, get help, share ideas, and report bugs.


Transform your content into a thriving community. Give your audience a space to belong to and really get to know each other.


Great work requires great relationships. Teams use Frond to find the sense of belonging they had in an office.


Movements are built from strong communities. Give your activists a place to organize, share ideas, and actually get to know each other.


Zoom classes are sterile. Give students a place to get to know each other, ask questions, create study groups, and unwind.

Free to start, open for all

Free to start

Frond is the only community tool that's actually free to start. No credit card required. No two week trial period. We want you to see for yourself if Frond works for your community. If it does, our Plus and Pro plans will give you the tools you need to continue to flourish.

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Open source

We firmly believe in empowering you to control your own data. Open sourcing Frond means that we are providing the tools to put you in the driver's seat of your community's future. It also reinforces our commitment to transparency and collaborative growth, values that are at the core of what we do.

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Give your community space to grow

Give your community space to grow

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